Where Can I Buy Winstrol in New Delhi India

Buy Winstrol in New Delhi

The drug Winstrol (Stanozolol) has a strong androgenic and anabolic means to increase muscle volume and increase strength. At the moment, use in sports is officially prohibited, but many people use it in tricky ways in practice in boxing, bodybuilding, powerlifting, fighting without rules and other winstrol price in india sports that require explosive power and muscle volume.

At the moment, it is possible to buy Stanozolol in two forms: tablet and injection.





Injections on the market of Stanozolol are represented by the following preparations:

  • Stromba 50 mg / ml.
  • Winstrol Depot 50 mg / ml.
  • Veterinary preparations from 100 mg. / Ml.

A feature of the injection type is the dissolution of the active substance in an aqueous solution. This explains in practice its frequent use.

Due to the fact that the drug is administered winstrol price in india intramuscularly quite often, except for the gluteus maximus, the active area is the triceps, delta, biceps, thighs.


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Many practicing the tablet form, note a weak effect on the body, unlike injections. Strength increases, there is a significant increase in lean muscle mass, water accumulates to a minimum. However, if we compare the result obtained from injections, the best difference is in the direction of injections.

Some believe that this reason – a lower concentration of Stanozolol in the “pills” in comparison with the ampoules. Others refute this conclusion, relying on the fact that when the drug is administered orally, part of its action neutralizes the liver. To gain a dose of 50 mg. / Day you need to use 10-25 tablets, but this amount causes an upset stomach and intestines, and also increases the load on the liver.


If the girls decide to use a course of stanozolol, then we should approach this issue carefully. During the day, the dose e should be more than 10-15 mg. /day. This will reduce the negative impact on the liver and gastrointestinal tract.

The advantages of the drug in pills in comparison with other anabolic drugs is the absence of the effect of vilirization (changes in the body causing male manifestations – timbre of the voice, body formation, acquisition of a male type of figure), especially if the daily dose is evenly distributed to the methods throughout the day. Such a trick with injections is impossible to hold.


There are several ways to take this drug, which primarily differ depending on the desired result. With professional sports loads and the winstrol price in india desire to achieve the most rapid effect, Winstrol can be taken:

  • solo;
  • in combination with other drugs.

The dosage and frequency of administration also depend on the desired result. Winstrol, due to the dissolution of the active components in the water base, winstrolhas a high index of biological activity, due to which the prolonged effect of the injection is only up to eight to nine hours. If it is necessary to quickly gain dry muscle mass in a short time, then injections should be taken every two days or every day.
Using this method with the obligatory observance of a special highly nutritious diet and regular classes, you can gain up to twelve kilograms of dry weight in one course of Winstrol, as well as greatly enhance muscle relief. In the case of professional athletes, the course is usually up to two months.
Winstrol dosage should be chosen exclusively by a doctor depending on individual indicators:

  • experience;
  • body mass;
  • the number of workouts;
  • characteristics of the body;
  • health status.

If Winstrol is taken simply to improve fitness, then the dosage and frequency of administration is significantly reduced, and averages fifty milligrams of substance per day.

When taking Winstrol for gaining muscle mass, the drug is most often combined with the following options:

  • Long-acting testosterone;
  • Decanoate;
  • Sustanon.
To achieve a more beautiful muscle relief, a protein diet is also needed. Winstrol is primarily dangerous because of its property to remove fluid from the body: it is thanks to this that a tangible muscle gain, an increase in relief, and the elimination of weight gain are obtained. To avoid excessive fluid withdrawal, you need to drink at least 3 liters of clean water per day.


Acceptance of the drug by women is extremely undesirable, however, if you still decide on this, the dosage should not exceed 15 milligrams per day.


  1. In preparation for the fitness and bodybuilding competitions, the combinations of stanozolol and injectable primobolon showed themselves well;
  2. Stanozolol is not recommended to be taken as a “solo” course. For high-quality weight gain, combinations with nandrolone, testosterone and methandrostenolone are used;
  3. For powerlifting, combinations with methane, nandrolone, testosterone and turinabol are often used.
  4. The stanozolol received the greatest reviews in conjunction with propionate, which allows you to build muscle mass and significantly increase strength. The combination allows you to get rid of excess fat deposits and remove water well, which allows you to make your muscles hard and winstrol price in india relief. This effect can be obtained as a result of intensive training, reception without physical activity will not give the expected result.

Often stanozolol and propionate are used by ordinary people in the spring to prepare their bodies for the beach season.


  • in case of allergic reaction to the used drug;
  • in the presence of carcinoma of the breast which is accompanied by hypercalcemia during liver and kidney disease;
  • in the presence of atherosclerosis and ischemia of the heart;
  • pregnant and lactating;
  • upon reaching 18 years of age;
  • if there are signs of exacerbation of prostatitis or its chronic form.


When receiving possible manifestations of one of the following signs:

  • suppression of production of own testosterone at the time of taking the drug and some time after the end of the course;
  • acne;
  • loss of hair;
  • toxic effects on the liver, especially with increased doses;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • ischemia and hypercholesterolemia;
  • reducing ovarian activity;
  • frequent moles, bone pain, gynecomastia;
  • indigestion.


winstrol price in india


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The duration of taking the drug increases the risk of the above side effects. In particular, ischemic heart disease and myocardial hypertrophy.


After the completion of the substance intake cycle, no aromatization occurs, therefore, when used, zinc, tribulus, omega-3 and hepatoprotectors are used to prevent the liver.


  1. Stanozolol in injections or in tablets has almost the same effect, with the difference that injections act faster and less burden the liver;
  2. Myths about the best efficiency of injections are associated with a lower concentration of the substance in tablet form;
  3. For fans of powerlifting suitable pills, for winstrol price in india fans of bodybuilding, it is best to use the injection method;
  4. The course of Stanozolol in the form of tablets is not used as a “solo”;
  5. For the development of strength and mass, it is necessary to carry out the combination of the drug with turinabol, methane, testosterone or nandrolone.