Where Can I Buy Deca Durabolin in Medellin Colombia

Buy Deca Durabolin in Medellin


What is Deca Durabolin?

Deca Durabolin –  is a super popular bodybuilding anabolic steroid from a reputable manufacturer of medicines with the active ingredient, nandrolone, based on.

The human body is able to independently produce nandrolone as a reaction to long-term and intense loads, but the body’s capabilities in this direction are very weak. In terms of its chemical structure, nandrolone is deca durabolin price colombia represented by 19-nortestosterone without a carbon atom, which deca durabolin reviewsindicates its progestin nature.

The decision to buy injectable steroid durabolin in general can be described as very beneficial because the drug does not undergo conversion into estrogens, however with unwise use the risk of “side effects” becomes very high, which is mainly due to the progestin activity of the deck (as the drug is also called slang) .

To buy Deca Durabolin first of all, it is recommended for those athletes who want to accelerate the processes of building up muscles by several orders of magnitude. Long-term practice of using deca in bodybuilding allows you to safely say that the drug is effective.

What are the features and effects of the nandrolone decanoate?

  • allows to stimulate the expressed muscular hypertrophy (increase in volume) for a relatively short period (in one cycle it is possible to recruit up to 8 kg of musculature)
  • by stimulating the synthesis of collagen helps to strengthen the joints, ligaments, bones
  • It helps the body to produce joint lubrication (synovial fluid), which helps to get rid of joint pain and improves mobility
  • significantly boosts immunity (even used by people with AIDS)
  • improves the transport of oxygen to muscle cells, which inevitably affects the increase in endurance
  • optimizes intestinal absorption of micronutrients, including protein
  • does not aromatize and there is practically no rollback phenomenon

Deca Durabolin: course, dosage, application

Deck injections are required to be performed at intervals of one week at a dose of 200 to 500 (sometimes even 600) mg, because the drug acts very slowly (up to 15 days after administration). To “get acquainted” with the drug, it is recommended to start the application with the deca durabolin price colombia minimum dosage, in order to understand whether it is safe to use the drug specifically for you. The total duration of the cycle is not more than 8 weeks. For longer periods, the inclusion of gonadotropin or testosterone boosters is required (their effectiveness is noticeably lower). Gonadotropin is applied either during the course or before completion (but not during the PCT !).


deca durabolin price colombia


During the course itself and for 3 weeks after the end of the cycle, take cabergoline for every 4th day.at 0.25 mg, in order to level the progestin activity of nandrolone. For PCT, do not use tamoxifen, because it will increase the sensitivity of progestin receptors, but instead take clomid (50-100 mg each ) for 4 weeks after leaving the course with a systematic drug withdrawal.

An independent deck course is almost never done. The combination of a deck with testosterone is considered the most productive option, which will nullify all the disadvantages of the deck, including progestin-based activity. In such a combination, testosterone should be twice the deck (2: 1 ratio). In addition, the drug is productively combined with Winstrol, Sustanon, Methane.


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Deca Durabolin reviews

Such anabolic steroid as “Deca-Durabolin” is considered one of the most popular and used drugs in sports pharmacological practice, therefore there are quite a lot of reviews about it. The anabolic properties of nandrolones are assessed by most athletes very well, although this steroid does not give a very sharp increase in muscle. On the other hand, athletes of a professional level can use it (and this is reliably confirmed), up to six months and even a year deca durabolin price colombia continuously, without any complaints.

Beginners and amateurs, of course, do not need such complex long cycles and their drug use scenarios are different. The most common goal is to gain muscle mass. However, athletes have reported that they use nandrolone, including for a strong increase in endurance and strength, fat burning, as well as to stimulate recovery from injury. In this regard, it gives a serious form to all other steroids (except that there is a growth hormone, which is not a steroid, and with which the deck is well combined): accelerates the regeneration of tissues and cells, strengthens the bone-joint and ligamentous complex. This has also been repeatedly confirmed by reviews.

Medicinal properties

Steroid drug. In comparison with the hormone, testosterone is characterized by a long, sufficiently high anabolic activity, androgenic effect is manifested to a lesser extent.

When taking drugs, activation of the so-called gene-regulators directly in the cell nucleus is observed due to binding to specific receptor proteins located on top of deca durabolinthe cells of target organs. As a result, the formation of a protein receptor-nandrolone complex is observed, which allows the latter to be transported through the cell membrane into the interior of the hypoplasm, which ensures penetration of cells through the cell membrane into the nucleus.

The androgenic effect is due to the stimulation of the synthesis of DNA and RNA, as well as a number of structural proteins, with an improvement in tissue respiration, activation of the process of oxidative phosphorylation inside the skeleton muscles, followed by cumulation of macroergs.

The drug allows you to fix Ca2 + inside the bones, increases bone mass in the case of progression of osteoporosis, improves appetite, allows you to build muscle mass.

Under the influence of drugs, the growth of genital organs in men is activated, the formation of male secondary sexual characteristics is accelerated. Nandrolone stimulates the activity of a number of androgen-dependent glands, while taking higher doses, there is inhibition of the production of the pituitary glands of certain hormones – FSH, drugs; Leydig cells are suppressed.

The anabolic effect is manifested due to the activation of reparative processes occurring within the epithelium, muscle and bone tissues, the result of which is enhanced protein synthesis, as well as a number of structural cellular components.

The drug helps to increase the absorption of amino acids directly from the small intestine, a positive nitrogen balance is formed.

Nandrolone affects the production of erythropoietin, a positive effect on the flow of anabolic processes. With the additional use of iron preparations observed antianemic effects.

When you take this drug, there is a violation of the synthesis of blood clotting factors (namely, vitamin K-dependent) inside the liver cells, the lipid profile of the plasma itself changes. A reinforcement of the deca durabolin price colombia process of reabsorption of Na +, as well as water inside the kidneys, is recorded.

The drug is effective in treating disseminated breast carcinoma in women.


deca durabolin price


Deca Durabolin side effects

In general, Deca-Durabolin has a relatively low probability of developing adverse reactions, provided it is used correctly. It does not aromatize (does not convert to estrogen), and is absolutely not harmful to the liver. On the other hand, nandrolones have a progestin nature (progestogen activity), and therefore can increase prolactin. Increased prolactin may cause a decrease in libido (sexual activity) and problems with erection, and in deca durabolin price colombia especially “neglected” cases – gynecomastia. This problem is prevented and eliminated with the help of prolactin inhibitors (Dostinex-Cabergolin) or using the deck exclusively in conjunction with testosterones and stanozolol (winstrol).

Also, nandrolone is sometimes blamed for “flooding” with water during the course. It depends on the dosage of the drug, which puts the athlete, diet and training. To minimize the risk of “side effects” and cope with the poor susceptibility of nandrolone by the body, it is advisable to use a shorter ether of nandrolone phenylpropionate instead of the classical deck (that is, nandrolone decanoate).