Ronnie Coleman now, last photos for 2018 and 2019. What’s happen?

ronnie coleman now

Today we will talk about the indomitable spirit and iron will of the eightfold Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman. His fans are called the bodybuilding king, and his opponents are that the bodybuilder brought the extreme dimensions of muscle mass into fashion. The athlete’s competitive period is over, and most of his fans are worried about the current form of the guy, how much Ronnie Coleman is now blown away, and what he looks like in the last photos. First things first.

  • Ronnie Coleman height: 5.9
  • Ronnie Coleman age: 54 yo
  • Ronnie Coleman’s net worth is $10 Million!

ronnie coleman height

Announcing the end of his career as a professional Ronnie Coleman in 2007, but after that, he continued to train in the gym and occasionally agitated the modern world of bodybuilding with threats to return. But occasionally demonstrating his form at the guest performances, he made it clear: the form is decent, but it gets worse and the athlete rolls back, deflates, and for competition with the new generation of bodybuilding stars, it will not be enough.

Ronnie Coleman’s first injuries

The athlete himself understood this and directed all his efforts to promote his own sports brand. Marketing in the modern framework is not a simple matter, he had to combine training with visits to major exhibitions and forums, and the old injuries made themselves felt.

A week before the planned operations, Ronnie appeared in public on crutches. Coleman had to transfer the total hip joint prosthesis, change the joint for an artificial prosthesis.

ronnie coleman leg injury

Such operations in Europe are 500 thousand per year. That is, the operation itself is not complicated and for an ordinary person does not bear danger. But Ronia, who squatted in his years with a barbell of about 400 kg and squeezed with his legs up to a ton, could not be called an ordinary person. And therefore, the fears of “Bigron” can be understood by their health problems and emotional state, especially after listening to his appeal to fans before the operation, where he thanked everyone for his support.

ronnie coleman injury 2014

And soon he released a video message in which he said:

“Hello everyone, I plan to be here one more day, and then I will sign out. I ask everyone to go to the site and vote for my line of sports nutrition, as the brand of the year.”

Ronnie Coleman in the hospital still reported that the operation was successful, but after a couple of weeks, he will have another prosthesis at 2 hips.

Doctors claimed that surgery was required due to poor heredity, but Ronnie understands that the operations were a logical consequence of his Light Way, which hid years of pain, hard work, and stress on the edge of human capabilities.

ronnie coleman injury 2015

Ronnie Coleman operations

Next, we will talk about the operations that Bigron had suffered over the past year, about the stages of its recovery after them, we’ll tell you what happened to Ronnie Coleman and how the athlete ended up in a wheelchair. And also about the motivation that does not leave him, as an athlete put up with lost volumes.

Let’s start with the post that Ronnie published on Instagram on July 2, 2015.

ronnie coleman after back injury

There he writes that he is trying to increase his biceps to 44 centimeters, but time is against him. At that time, Coleman after 2 weeks faced an operation due to a back injury, if we consider that the third since 2007. In short, he had his hip joints changed, he had spinal surgery in the cervical region. In response to all this, Bigron wrote: “A weakling cannot be defeated, and the winner cannot surrender.”

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Someone would say that it was possible to train a little easier at the time of performances and would not have to suffer with their illnesses, would save to some extent health. But no, that was Ronnie’s answer.

”If you work – only to the fullest, but at the expense of the need to reap the benefits of hard training? Well, that’s life. Everyone is paying for their actions, just each in their own way. ”

Ronnie Coleman became disabled?

Coleman, as he said, despite the injury, trained to the last, and already on July 17 of that year, he published a picture that is scary to watch.

Two bolts in the lower part of the spine provided additional support for the skeleton of the legend. Coleman wrote that more terrible than after this operation, he did not experience anything in his life. The first couple of days, that would stop the torment, he was ready to shoot himself, that would stop the pain. In the course went everything from painkillers to morphine.

ronnie coleman spinal injury

A few days later and the prayers close to him felt better, and the pain went away. And what do you think, at the end of this post, Ronnie wrote how quickly he wanted to return to the hall to shake along with the unchanged “Light Veit baby”

But I had to wait, the first training occurred only after 3 months in October 2015. Before that, Ronnie traveled the world, developed a business, participated in exhibitions. You look at Ronnie Coleman’s photo for October 2015, how was he blown away, where are his biceps?

ronnie coleman after back injury 03

Such a lifestyle was not easy. In any place where the situation did not oblige to stand in front of the fans, Ronnie moved most likely in a wheelchair than on foot. So it turns out that Ronii Coleman is disabled?

But the 8-fold Mr. Olympia had a different opinion on this matter. All these are obstacles to the goal. Naturally, in October, due to a long rest, volumes decreased, they became even more modest.

ronnie coleman after back injury 03

Photo of Ronnie Coleman after surgery. This is not how we perceive the “Bigron” form, he himself wrote on Instagram that his hands almost became 45, but after the operation, they rolled back to 41 cm.

But the athlete constantly said that he would show “light wei,” they would soon tumble down his hands for 50, give time. But let’s look at the legs. This is a photo for November 25, 2015.

ronnie coleman training 02

Then he wrote that he ought to pump his legs up to 61 cm, and then they look like 50. 66 cm set a bar for himself, but, proceeding from the bolts in the back and artificial hip joints of the leg, it was impossible to train as before.

Ronnie Coleman’s visit to Moscow – December 2015

Beginning of December 2015 and Ronnie Coleman in Moscow. On the positive, with all the photos and all that. As Ronn said:

“Champions are not just like that, but 8-fold champions all the more. I paid my price. But all the people who stand in line to take a picture with me are proof that I didn’t give up in the hall for nothing.”

In Russia, Ronnie moved in a wheelchair vehicle, but after the interview, he continued to train. Even then, Coleman knew that the suffering associated with the operations was not over; there was at least one more intervention by the surgeons. His “Bigron” suffered at the beginning of 2016.

Quote: “This is a snapshot of my spine after another operation. Surgeons worked 11 hours. Now I have 6 titanium bolts in my back, 2 more and it will be 1 for each victory at Olympia. So let me ask you again, you still want to become the 8-fold Mr. Olympia. For such success, you have to pay with incredible pain. ”

ronnie coleman injury 2016

Another one: As you can see, yes, I am Mr. Olympia 8x and yes, I can’t walk. Many may say that I became an invalid, was blown away, and all that. Do I regret anything? If I had a chance to return to the past, would I live again, would I change anything? Yes, if I could go all over again, one day I would have done otherwise. Crouching with a barbell for 360 kg, I would perform 4 repetitions instead of 2. This is the only thing I regret for my career. Those 2 reps still haunt me, I knew for sure that I had strength for 4 repetitions, but I only fulfilled 2 – the only regret in my life.

Ronnie Coleman in 2016, the latest photos and videos of the athlete

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This time the recovery period was twice as long. Ronnie was without a hall for 6 months. I think you understand how this half a year lasted for him and what conclusions could be made, was there enough time to think, can it stop ??? Ronnie, you proved everything to everyone, trained when it would have seemed impossible, lifting weights that are now transcendental for modern athletes. Maybe enough, Ronnie ??? Yeah, now …….

The last photos of Ronnie Coleman for 2017 indicate that the athlete was well blown away and lost weight.

ronnie coleman 2016

And this he says after 7 operations, the last of which was the most difficult. Now Ronnie is 52 years old, he has 8 victories at Olympia, 8 children, his own business and his eyes are still burning. It would seem that you have everything, you need to be able to stop in time, but Ronnie said that he has a different opinion on this matter.

Now Ronnie looks like this: photo for the fall of 2017

ronnie coleman now 02

ronnie coleman today

ronnie coleman latest photos

ronnie coleman 2016 02

ronnie coleman 2017

Preparations for the last operation for February 2018: what happened?

After each operation, Ronnie, again and again, goes to the hall and repeats his “Light Way”. We see this after the most difficult, serious, and as Coleman hopes of the last surgical intervention. For him, this is already the 8th operation, Ronnie Coleman was replaced by hip joints, bolts were screwed into the spine, in general, the legend was not easy. The pain of vertebral surgery was the worst in his life.

You saw recent videos where Ronnie Coleman tried to walk after operations, but most often he moved in a wheelchair, including when he came to Moscow. At the same time, Coleman is actively training, as in the best of times performances. He pumps every muscle group 2 times a week and walks into the gym early in the morning, long before other visitors, in order to properly work with iron and then pay attention to business and family.

In August 2017, Ronnie shared the fact that he will have at least one more very serious operation. Those 6 bolts, which he once screwed into the spine – now had to be removed.

ronnie coleman injury 2017

A photo. Ronnie Coleman bolts to be removed

Surgical intervention was originally scheduled for November 2017 but took place in February 2018.

By this time, Coleman could not feel both legs from the foot to the top of the quadriceps. He could train, but the sensations were as if his legs were numb, and he was terribly sore. The left leg let go at times, with the right, it was worse.

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It would seem that in such a situation it would be more logical to stop, wait for the last operation and heal, and only then engage in the hall. Any normal person would do that, but the point is that normal people rarely achieve such extreme results and heights as Ronnie did in his time. We are not about titles, but about the form of Big Ron. After 100 operations, he will still go into the hall and will be engaged, he is such a person.

Surgery February 2018: how everything went and the photo after the operation

Now, what about this most recent operation. From November 2017, it was transferred to January, and then to February 2018. Doctors diagnosed that it was impossible to operate the spine through the back, as before. In those areas, Ronnie formed a lot of scar tissue and therefore had to get to the vertebrae through the incision of the abdominal cavity, literally pulling out of his intestines.

It even sounds creepy and scary in terms of medicine. Needless to say, the laborious process was really laborious. Also, doctors conducted special procedures to the athlete did not lose a lot of blood.

I pray that this operation will be successful and really become the last for me. I am grateful, everyone who prays for me supports, and does not stand aside. I love you all. Never before have I experienced so much before surgery. Not every time your guts are taken out of you in order to be put back afterward. And I want to believe that everything will work the same way as before the manipulations.

Ronnie Coleman before and after the February 2018 operation

ronnie coleman surgery 2018

The picture on the left is Ronnie before the operation, on the left – after. At that time, Coleman was, in fact, unconscious, but he found the strength to smile and show his thumb. But Ronnie after only 6 days after surgery. He already presses dumbbells, while on 4 kg. Especially to lift the spirit, but believes that after 3 months, it will reap 36 kg. And this is despite the fact that the doctors have forbidden to appear in the hall for at least half a year.

ronnie coleman 2018

A photo. Ronnie Coleman presses dumbbells after surgery: February 2018

In this photo, Ronnie is already walking by the number and showing the bank. And on the next one, he shakes his biceps in the ward and says that it doesn’t look bad for a man who has had his body turned around.

The opinion of the fans was divided, some say that he is a good young man and a motivator that keeps up or vice versa, the same Levroni and Wheeler can speak, and Coleman almost in parts collects, everyone has their own truth. Ronnie can not be assessed as everyone, he is different.

ronnie coleman now 2018

Ronnie Coleman shows biceps after surgery

ronnie coleman mr olympia 2018

Ronnie Coleman shakes his biceps after surgery

A real champion never gives up, because he knows this is not the end. My goal is to fully recover, to return to the stage.

Yes, these are his words, absurdity? Of course, to put it mildly. But he has been training for more than 40 years and admits that he will be pumping iron until his death and will not care about surgery, this is not an obsession, this is personal insanity. How to perceive and evaluate it is up to you. But it was precisely these madmen who gave their all to the cause of life and became legends, in science, in art, in sport.