How to Get Muscle Definition: Best Exercises & Workout Routines

how to get muscle definition

Train correctly to get muscle definition! Let’s say you are going on vacation and you have to go to a beach filled with tanned beauties.

Understandably, you want to appear before this discerning audience in all your athletic splendor. The specific size of the muscles means little here, because no one will run after you on the sand of the beach with a ruler. Deep muscle definition becomes the main thing.

It is he who turns the figure of a bodybuilder into a walking show, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. As you know, aerobics and low-calorie diet lead to muscle definition. It is also known that the struggle for definition is the most boring thing in the world.

First of all, you will be prescribed half-hour cardio sessions, which should be done on simulators. Nothing more boring, really, you can not think of! But if only that! Aerobics and starvation diet take away strength. On vacation, you need energy and sexual drive, but after the struggle for muscle definition, you will have both below the plinth. How to be?

Why Use Explosive Exercises?

We offer you a completely different aerobics, extremely exciting. No running! No ergometers or steppers! This is a true masculine version of cardio, which grinds fat uncompromisingly, but also increases testosterone secretion! Proven by Science!

This is why our aerobics does not require a strict diet. On the contrary, a calorie deficit is contraindicated! Otherwise, you will block the accompanying muscle growth!

We will warn you in advance, you will not become a guinea pig on which someone decided to test their speculative assumptions. Our method is a proven interval cardio training, as you know, the most effective in the world!

But instead of sprint intervals, you will do cyclical explosive exercises, and many of them with free weights.

Think for yourself, really guys from the league of fighting without rules or elite commandos lose weight on treadmills in the company of pensioners, limp from physical inactivity? No, according to our system, they pump a frantic explosive force and turn themselves into a hidden cobra, capable of attacking the enemy with lightning speed!

The same is waiting for you! No breakdown! No sleepiness! Explosive strength exercises increase testosterone production and therefore pump life drive!

Imagine a heavy tank frozen as a dead block, its batteries are discharged, and there is not a drop of gasoline in the tanks. Such is the bodybuilder who completes a traditional aerobic program, multiplied by a low-carb diet. Well, you will get off the plane as a handsome man, full of energy and strength! 100 percent guarantee!

Features of Body Defining Workouts

Well, now in detail about the features of body defining workouts.

You do the explosive exercise for exactly 20 seconds, and then rest exactly the same amount. Then move on to the next exercise. And so on until the end of the list.

This is called one set. Beat at least a couple first. However, this will not be enough for punchy fat burning. A minimum of 4 sets are needed.

However, it is better to count as intervals (20 + 20). To melt fat quickly, do at least 30 intervals per workout. Do 2-4 cardio workouts per week. In this case, it is better to throw strength training of the legs. The legs are already enough load!

Let’s face it, our cardio is much more difficult. But at the same time, it is much more worthy!

Try it! After all, you still can’t avoid aerobics!

best exercises for muscle definition

The 8 Best Exercises for Muscle Definition

1. Single Arm Dumbbell Split Jerk

Equipment: dumbbell weighing 10-15 kg.

Lower into a squat and grab the bar with one hand. Slightly feed the shoulder girdle upward so that the straight arm forms a rigid contour with weights. Straighten sharply, giving the dumbbell an impulse to move upward.

When it is at the level of your shoulders, sit under it and take it on a straight arm. Hold the dumbbell over your head and straighten. Lower the dumbbell to the floor and switch hands. Alternating arms, jerk for 20 seconds.

2. Squat Jump

Equipment: absent.

Stand up straight. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Do not tilt your head. Direct your gaze forward. Squat down to parallel hips with the floor, and then with an explosive force jump up.

In doing so, you should group, pulling your knees up to your chest. Dashing knees will give your body extra momentum and help you jump higher. Land softly.

3. Resistance Band Sprint

Equipment: 2 resistance bands with soft handles.

Secure the ends of the resistance bands to a fixed support at chest height. Stand with your back to the support and grab the handles. Take a few steps forward to tighten the bands.

Explosively leap from the spot following the example of the sprinters. Having chosen the maximum stretch length for resistance bands, stop and return to the starting point.

Start a new run out immediately. Run out continuously for 20 seconds.

4. Plyo Push-Up

Equipment: absent.

Take a position on the floor on straight arms, as for traditional push-ups. Keeping your body in line with your legs, bend your elbows and lower yourself to the floor.

With a powerful pushing effort of your hands, throw your body up – until your palms are lifted off the floor. Land softly on your hands and, with your elbows springing back, lower yourself to the floor. Do push-ups continuously for 20 seconds.

5. Step-Up

Equipment: bench or box.

Stand in front of a bench or box. Bring your leg forward and place your foot on the bench. Using your working leg as a support, with a powerful explosive force, transfer your body over the bench and land behind the bench on both legs.

Immediately turn in half and repeat the movement, starting on the other leg. Alternating your legs, continuously lift on the support for 20 seconds.

6. Barbell Clean and Jerk

Equipment: barbell weighing 30-40 kg.

Stand in front of a barbell on the floor. Drop into a squat and grab the bar with a straight grip slightly wider than your shoulders. Raise your pelvis slightly so that your straight arms and barbell form a rigid frame.

With a powerful jerk force, throw the barbell onto your chest. To do this, sharply straighten your body by giving the barbell an upward movement impulse. When she runs out of moment of inertia and hovers in the air, quickly sit under her and take on your chest.

Straighten fully while holding the barbell on your chest. Immediately, without delay, using a jogging force, push the bar upward onto straight arms.

Return the bar to your chest and then to the floor and immediately start a new rep. Push continuously for 20 seconds.

7. Dumbbell Lunges

Equipment: dumbbells weighing 8-12 kg.

Stand straight with dumbbells in straight arms at the sides of your thighs. Step forward with one foot and take a lunge position. Without stopping, immediately descend into a deep squat. Then, with a jogging movement of the working leg, return yourself to the vertical position.

Step forward with the other leg and lower yourself back down into the squat. Repeat jogging lunges with alternating legs for 20 seconds.

Joe Weider: “Strength training performed at a fast pace burns more body fat than traditional cardio on the ergometer or treadmill. Today, this postulate of pre-competition training for bodybuilders is scientifically proven.”

8. Reverse Crunches with Standing Up

Equipment: absent.

Stand up straight with your arms at your sides. Sit down and lower yourself to the floor. Using the momentum of your body, lean back and then bring your knees up to your chest by doing a reverse twist. Then, with a powerful explosive force of the body, do the opposite movement.

It should be of a jumping character and end with standing up. The exercise requires a lot of muscle coordination.

If it doesn’t work for you at first, don’t panic. If you lose your balance and fall on your back, help yourself with your hands and stand up to your full height. Over time, you will surely master the movement.

muscle definition workout routines

Muscle Definition Workout Routines

For beginners: If you have recently started to train with weights, master the “lightweight” set of only 5 exercises. Perform 2 sets per workout. Do cardio training 2-4 times a week.

Exercises Sets Interval / Rest (sec)
Squat Jump 2 20 / 20
Resistance Band Sprint 3 20 / 20
Plyo Push-Up 2 20 / 20
Dumbbell Lunges 2 20 / 20
Barbell Clean and Jerk 2 20 / 20

For experienced: If you already have a year and a half of strength training behind your shoulders, use “heavy artillery” – a set of 8 explosive exercises. Perform 3 or more sets per workout.

Exercises Sets Interval / Rest (sec)
Reverse Crunches with Standing Up 3 20 / 20
Single Arm Dumbbell Split Jerk 3 20 / 20
Squat Jump 3 20 / 20
Resistance Band Sprint 3 20 / 20
Plyo Push-Up 3 20 / 20
Step-Up 3 20 / 20
Dumbbell Lunges 3 20 / 20
Barbell Clean and Jerk 3 20 / 20

Highest level: Perform up to 30 intervals per workout. Beware of overtraining.

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