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Anabolic steroids were developed in the 1930s as a medicine to treat hypogonadism, a low testosterone condition in which the testes produce an insufficient amount of the male sex hormone testosterone, which is responsible for the growth and development of male sexual characteristics.



Appearance of steroids

The primary use of steroids was the treatment of puberty problems, certain types of impotence, and muscle recovery in where to get anabolic steroids in colombia the treatment of AIDS and cancer.

In the 1930s, in experiments on laboratory rats, scientists discovered that anabolic steroids stimulate muscle growth. This was the beginning of their gradual penetration into bodybuilding, then weightlifting and other sports.


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Facts About Anabolic Steroids for Muscle Gain

Known facts about anabolic steroids:

  • first synthesized in the 1930s as a medicine for the treatment of certain diseases;
  • first recorded use case – 1954 at the world weightlifting championship;
  • steroids are listed as doping agents and banned for use by the International Olympic Committee in 1975;
  • athletes, including amateurs, take steroids to gain muscle mass and dry the body;
  • steroids are widely used by overweight men and women for weight loss;
  • the dose of steroids in sports exceeds 10-100 times that used in medicine;
  • It is almost impossible to synthesize steroids that would cause only an anabolic effect (muscle growth) without unwanted androgenic (development of male sexual characteristics);
  • almost all cells in the body have steroid receptors; This means that when they are used, the effect is on every organ;
  • The most dangerous side effect of steroid use is the risk of heart attack.

Anabolic steroids: what is it?

Anabolic steroids are an artificially synthesized analogue of the male sex hormone testosterone.

The full name of steroids is Androgenic Anabolic Steroids . The terms “anabolic steroids”, “steroids”, “anabolic steroids”, “androgenic steroids” and “androgens” mean the same thing.

Testosterone produces a double effect in the body:

  • androgenic effect or masculinization: the development of male secondary sexual characteristics (for example, the growth of facial hair);
  • anabolic effect: an increase in muscle mass and strength.

For many decades, pharmaceutical companies have tried to develop such natural testosterone analogues that would have a predominantly anabolic effect (stimulated muscle growth) and reduced, or completely removed, unwanted androgenic. Steroids are the result of activity.


anabolic steroids


The best and most expensive steroids available today for where to get anabolic steroids in colombia gaining muscle mass have only an anabolic effect, but most of them are both anabolic and unwanted androgenic.

Anabolic steroids are chemically derived male testosterone sex hormone analogues that have enhanced anabolic effects (muscle growth) and weakened androgenic (masculinization)

What are steroids for? Beneficial effects

The reason for the incredible popularity of anabolic steroids today is that they actually work.

Professional athletes use steroids to improve athletic performance (endurance, speed, muscle mass gain ) and to dry the body. In addition, they significantly speed up the recovery process, reducing the degree of muscle damage during exercise. This allows you to train more often and with heavier weights, which creates a greater stimulus for muscle growth.

Many athletes like the aggressive state, which is accompanied by the use of action of anabolic steroidssteroids.

The benefits of steroids for ordinary mortals of all ages and sexes (adults and adolescents, men and women) is their ability to easily (even without having to play sports) transform their appearance towards the ideal: increase muscle mass, remove fat.

Steroids are really capable of working wonders …

But .. it is always important to remember that any miracle always has a price: the price of using steroids is quite serious and numerous side effects.


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Types of anabolic steroids

The list of one of the most common steroids includes:

  • androstenedione;
  • stanozolol;
  • nandrolone (deca-durabolin or “deca”);
  • dianabol

Different types of steroids are obtained by slight structural changes in the testosterone molecule, which allows you to control the where to get anabolic steroids in colombia degree of manifestation of the effect of masculinization and stimulation of muscle growth, reduce the unpleasant strong odors that accompany the use of steroids, improve absorption, etc.

If you take a testosterone molecule and remove a certain 19-methyl atom group from it, you get a substance with a strong anabolic effect of stimulating muscle growth –  nandrolone – a very popular form of doping, whose effectiveness for muscle growth is confirmed by numerous experiments .

Steroid nadrolone is one of the most powerful steroids in stimulating muscle growth.

Further, if in turn in the nandrolone molecule to substitute another group of atoms (7α-Alkyl), we get the substance – stanozolol – with an even stronger anabolic effect compared to androgenic and resistant to destruction, which can be taken orally  (through the mouth) or by injection.

Designer steroids

Especially dangerous type of anabolic steroids are the so-called designer steroids.

They are synthetic steroids, produced illegally, and the use of which can not be detected by the currently existing doping tests.

Designer steroids are made specifically for professional athletes and are not used in medicine.

They are not tested and do not receive the stamp “approved” by the bodies responsible for control in this area, and are where to get anabolic steroids in colombia particularly dangerous for athletes.

Designer steroids are made illegally especially for professional athletes. They can not be detected by doping tests. They are a particular health hazard because they are not subject to quality control.

Steroid forms

Athletes and lovers take steroids orally, rubbing into the skin or by intramuscular injection. The most popular of these is injections.

Oral drugs have a very short period of disintegration, they are taken daily; injectable steroids are usually administered once a week or two and they are most effective.




Recently, there have also appeared drugs in the form of gels for rubbing into the skin, but they are very, very NOT effective, because with their help it is very difficult to deliver the right amount of testosterone into the body.

They are sometimes recommended on a course of steroids for a set of muscle mass (which are injected in the form of injections and tablets) in order to ensure a constant supply of testosterone in the body in small doses.

The most popular method of administering steroids is injections, oral medications and gels are very ineffective: the former disintegrate very quickly, the latter enter very poorly.

How do steroids for gaining muscle mass?

The mechanism of action of anabolic steroids for gaining muscle mass is not yet fully understood.

It is reliably known that the intake of testosterone  leads to an increase in muscle mass   due to the stimulation of hypertrophy of muscle fibers of type 1 and 2; however, their absolute number does not increase, nor does the relative ratio of the cells of both types.

(Muscle fibers of type 1 are slow, thin, weak, are responsible for endurance; muscle fibers of type 2 are fast, thick, strong, and are responsible for strength.)

The mechanism of action of steroids:

  • The number of satellite satellite cells, which contribute to hypertrophy of muscle fibers, is increasing.

Satellite cells are directly involved in the process of muscle growth: they begin to divide in response to physical activity and micro damage. Accordingly, the more of them – the stronger muscle growth.

  • Steroids  stimulate the growth of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).

HGH is another powerful hormone responsible for muscle growth. Along with steroids and insulin, it is included in the first-aid kit of almost every pro.

According to one study, testosterone increases the maximum strength and power of the legs, but does not affect muscle fatigue when performing exercises.

  • Improves muscle oxygen supply.

Testosterone promotes the synthesis of mitochondria and leads to an improved supply of oxygen to muscles, by increasing the number of red blood cells and stimulating the growth of the capillary network.

Testosterone (steroids) improves oxygen supply to muscle tissue.

  • Testosterone / steroids  improves the transmission of nerve impulses in muscle tissue.

This study was the basis for speculation, the essence of which is that testosterone reduces the reaction time, and therefore it can be useful in sports that require a quick reaction (sprint, for example) or where a high degree of coordination of eye and hand interaction is required (baseball, for example).

Obviously, this was done in order to “plant on the needle” and representatives of these non-power sports.

  • Taking steroids affects mood and motivation, which are indirectly related to sports performance.

The mechanism of action of steroids is to increase the concentration of satellite auxiliary cells, which are involved in hypertrophy of muscle fibers, improving the circulation of growth hormone, oxygen supply and transmission of nerve impulses in muscle tissue.


types of anabolic steroids


Scientific studies confirming the use of steroids for gaining muscle mass and weight loss

The benefits of steroids for gaining muscle mass is an indisputable fact, with numerous scientific evidence. Consider a few of them.

In one illustrative experiment,  men on steroids gained from 2 to 5 kg of muscle mass within 10 weeks. According to their own feelings, the muscle strength increased by 5–20%.

An interesting and very important fact: in the experiment, there was a clear disproportionate increase in muscle mass in the upper body (neck, shoulders, arms). And not because the participants did not train their legs.

This is a very important feature by which, by the way, one can almost always recognize an athlete on steroids and natural: strong shoulders, powerful arms and relatively weak bottom (legs). This happens because in where to get anabolic steroids in colombia the muscles of these areas a significantly higher concentration of androgen receptors (steroids).

In this experiment, the fat mass of the participants did not change.

In another experiment, scientists proved an increase in the rate of muscle protein synthesis by 27%, and an average increase in muscle mass by 20%.