Buy Clenbuterol in Cali Colombia

Buy Clenbuterol in Cali Colombia


What is Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is a beta-2 antagonist and in most countries is used as a bronchodilator for the treatment of asthma. Due to its long half-life, the FDA does not approve its use for medical purposes. This stimulator of the central nervous system also clenbuterol colombia acts as adrenaline. Clenbuterol has many of the same side effects as other CNS stimulants, such as ephedrine. Contrary to popular belief, this drug has a half-life not of 48 hours, but only 35.

Dosages on the course of clenbuterol begin with tablets of 20 mg. True, there is Clenbuterol syrup, inhalation and injectable drugs. Doses can be very different and depend on how the user reacts to side effects, although the most common is 5-8 tablets for men and 1-4 tablets for women. Clenbuterol loses its thermogenic properties after 6–8 weeks of continuous intake, and the body temperature drops to normal by this time. Anabolic / anti-catabolic effects of the drug worsen after about 18 days of administration. Taking into account the long half-life of clenbuterol, the most effective period of its reception will be 2 weeks followed by a two-week break, but not more than 12 weeks. During the break, you can use ephedrine.


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Properties of clenbuterol in bodybuilding

Comparing ephedrine and clenbuterol, one can definitely say that clenbuterol is active only after eight hours of administration and is characterized by a high fat burning effect, which is able to persist for several hours.
The impact of the drug on the body does not affect its functioning. And this is just one of the many positive aspects of taking the drug, which every day is gaining increasing popularity among bodybuilders.

A few main effects of clenbuterol in bodybuilding

No wonder the drug has gained such fame in bodybuilding. The main components of the drug in the following way affect the athlete’s body:

• Reduce appetite; 
• Eliminate accumulated fat deposits; 
• Form the muscle mass; 
• Affect weight loss; 
• Have anti-catabolic effects; 
• Increase body temperature; 
• Emotionally mobilized. 

It is also worth noting that clenbuterol allows not only to accelerate the growth rate of muscle mass, but also to burn excessively accumulated adipose tissue. Of course, unlike other drugs of similar action, clenbuterol will allow you to build muscle mass reasonably, without going beyond the unreal.

According to statistics, this drug has gained special confidence among the residents of the United States, it was there that it was impossible to imagine any fitness facility without athletes taking clenbuterol.

Release form?

Manufacturers produce the drug in pill form, much less often the drug is found in the form of syrup and ampoules for injection, which contain 0.016 ml of clenbuterol. One tablet may contain 10-20 micrograms clenbuterol colombia of the main active ingredient. According to statistics, many people prefer to take the drug in pills, as this form is very convenient.


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To get the desired effect, men need to take 5-8 tablets per day, while women are recommended to take no more than 4 tablets. But for both men and women, the course of admission should not be more than two weeks.

The components of clenbuterol are selective beta-2 antagonists that influence beta receptors located in fatty and muscular tissues. It is worth noting that the drug belongs to the category of the most controversially evaluated drugs from all drugs that are popular with bodybuilders.

Some athletes who took the drug claim that it has absolutely no anabolic effect, and that it is best to take the drug solely in order to get rid of excess body fat.

In order to speed up the development of the spinal muscles, it is necessary to adhere to a whole set of exercises for the back at home.

As soon as the drug appeared on the world market, it was declared a drug, the half-life of which lasted for two days, but in fact it is not there, the drug is absorbed by the body in two phases, a short one, which lasts a couple of days, and a long one, which can last several days.


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The active components of this drug have a positive effect on performance, and therefore are banned for use in sports. But, in spite of everything, many athletes are still continuing to take the drug in order to build muscle and get rid of excessively accumulated fat cells.

At the moment, despite the great fame of the drug, the long-term effect of the drug on the human body has not yet been studied. However, studies conducted on animals showed disappointing results, namely, muscle apoptosis, including cardiac. That is why you should be very careful with the dose of the drug, not deviating from the recommendations of the manufacturers.

Clenbuterol Dosing Techniques

Starting to receive the drug, to obtain the desired result, the athlete should gradually, by 20 mg to increase the dose. The first intake should be 20 µg of the drug. From the sixth to the twelfth day, the dose of the drug should not exceed 120 mg per day.
On the thirteenth day, the drug should be reduced, so the dose of the drug should be no more than 80 μg, and by the fourteenth it clenbuterol colombia should be reduced by 40 μg. Manufacturers recommend that after completing the course of reception to make a two-week break. Also, in order to avoid the appearance of side effects, the drug should be taken in the morning. As soon as the dose of the drug was 150 mcg, break the drug in two approaches, 60 mcg in the morning and 60 mcg at lunchtime.


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Are there any damages?

Taking clenbuterol in athletes manifest side effects such as:

• Cardiopalmus; 
• Insomnia; 
• Strong mental over-stimulation; 
• Cardiopalmus.

Therefore, to reduce their appearance, athletes take the drug together with antiallergic drug – ketotifen.