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It is impossible to find an athlete who would not know about steroids. And even if using steroids is not all, then almost every professional athlete has theoretical knowledge.



What are steroids

It is believed that the main purpose of steroids – an increase in muscle mass, but this is not so, and in addition to this function, steroids produce anabolic steroids colombia many other effects.

Moreover, initially steroids were used for medical purposes at all and belonged to medications: with the help of steroids they used to treat dystrophics.

Steroids have also been used to accelerate the healing of injuries. It is this fact that made doctors think about the fact that if steroids have such a positive effect on patients, then with a healthy person such drugs can work wonders.

The only problem that at first did not allow the use of steroids as effectively as the athletes would like it to be – this is their narrow purpose.

Different steroids were developed for the treatment of specific diseases, while it was very important to observe the dosage and adhere to a special regimen.


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Thus, the common myth that many bodybuilders achieve amazing results solely due to such drugs is a mistake. In addition to the use of steroids, athletes also need to train intensively and follow special diets.

The principle of action of steroids

By the way they act, steroids are very similar to the hormones that are produced in the human body.

Anabolic steroids (which are steroids for muscle growth) interact with living cells of the body, and also have a certain effect on some endocrine glands.

Molecules of steroids, penetrating into the cell through the membrane, bind to androgen receptors. Such a link goes into the cell nucleus, forming a pair with another activated receptor.

This complex process leads to the fact that the cell begins to intensively produce certain proteins that stimulate muscle growth. In addition to increasing muscle mass, steroids have the following effects:

  • The growth of power indicators;
  • Strengthen the ligament apparatus;
  • Accelerated fat burning;
  • Increased endurance athlete.
It should be borne in mind that there are many varieties of steroids, which differ in efficiency and act on the body in different ways.

If some steroids help to quickly gain muscle mass, then others practically do not affect muscle mass, increasing only power indicators.

Steroids use

Do not think that steroids help to increase only certain parameters and contribute to sports performance.

Such drugs also have other beneficial effects:

  • Reducing the pain that arthritis causes;
  • Increased respiratory rate;
  • Increased muscle venosity;
  • Reduced recovery time from injuries;
  • Reduced muscle recovery time after workouts

Many athletes take steroids exclusively to increase the volume of muscle mass, but this effect can be called “derived” from the effect of growth strength.

The fact is that steroids for muscle growth increase the thickness of myofibril elements (actin and myosin), which are anabolic steroids colombia responsible for muscle contraction. But to achieve this effect, you must constantly train and take care of the appropriate protein nutrition.


steroids use


Harm and effects of steroids

Despite all its positive aspects, steroids have a lot of “minuses” that occur when improper use of drugs or in the event that you do not comply with certain conditions.

As a rule, taking steroids for muscle growth is justified only if the body’s own resources to increase muscle mass are not enough.

But you can achieve good results without steroids, if a person goes in for sports unprofessionally. But professional bodybuilders in pursuit of high results very quickly reach their “ceiling”, and without the help of steroids they can no longer do.


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Very often, many people ignore warnings about the dangers of steroids and believe that if you take minimal doses, then nothing terrible will happen.

This is not so: even when taking steroids in small quantities, these drugs have a negative effect on the internal organs (liver, kidneys, heart). But the worst thing is hormonal disruption caused by taking steroids: the body simply “forgets” what hormones and in what quantities need to be produced.

Such hormonal disruptions in the body usually (but not always) lead to such serious consequences as:

  • Liver cancer;
  • Yellowed skin;
  • Acne;
  • Risk of heart attack;
  • Hardened voice (in women);
  • Various kidney diseases;
  • Impotence;
  • A variety of mental illnesses.

The last point is the most dangerous: depression, irritability and unwarranted aggressive behavior can manifest themselves in the anabolic steroids colombia first months of taking steroids, and very often such mental disorders are irreversible.

Steroid Review for Rapid Muscle Growth

All steroids produce certain effects, and professional athletes are well aware of this.

But few novice bodybuilders are able to understand a huge range of steroids, and often, falling into the advertising gimmicks of manufacturers, they get completely the wrong drugs.


steroid review


Speaking of steroids for muscles, two groups of drugs should be considered: steroids for gaining muscle mass and steroids for muscle relief.

Safe steroids do not exist, and they all have some side effects. But some steroids can be used with the lowest risk to health, while achieving excellent results:

  • Deca Durabolin
  • Dianabol
  • Testosterone
  • Anadrol
  • Trenbolone

Consider these drugs in more detail. Deca-Durabolin (or Retabolil) is one of the most effective drugs for gaining body muscle mass. It not only affects other hormones less than other drugs, but also goes well with other anabolic steroids, which is rare.

Another popular drug among athletes and bodybuilders is Dianabol. The only significant minutes of this drug is that its effect is short-lived, so it is almost always taken in combination with other steroids.
  • Testosterone is great for both gaining muscle mass and relief formation, but its aroma effect is much higher than that of other steroids. Experts anabolic steroids colombia do not recommend testosterone abuse to novice athletes, and professionals use this type of steroid in accordance with carefully designed medical programs.
  • Anadrol is just as good as testosterone to an increase in muscle mass , but overdose can cause quite serious side effects: disruption of the heart, a negative effect on hormones and even liver cancer.
  • Trenbolone is almost identical in its qualities to Deca-Durabolin. The only serious difference is that Trenbolone affects the hormonal background of the body more actively.


anabolic steroids colombia


To use steroids or not is the choice of each athlete. Of course, with the right approach, negative side effects of steroids can be reduced to a safe level, and in combination with workouts and proper nutrition, these tools can very quickly produce results. However, thoughtless actions and disregard for the instructions and recommendations of doctors can lead to serious and irreversible consequences.